Thursday, September 21, 2017

Creating local network with internet access using VirtualBox and Ubuntu 16.04


VirtualBox is installed. Download link.
Ubuntu 16.04 server is downloaded. Download link.

Creating a virtual machine

1. Run VirtualBox and click 'New' button.
2. Specify virtual machine name.

Setting name and operating system.

3. Set RAM (Depending on your purpose it could be any value).

Memory size setup.

4. Select 'Create a virtual hard drive now'.

Hard drive setup.

5. Select VDI.

Hard drive file type setup.

6. Select 'Dynamically allocated'.

Storage on physical hard drive.

7. VirtualBox tries to store the image of the hard drive on disk C, so I recommend to change that and save the image on another logical hard drive.

File location and size.

8. Click 'Create' button.

Installing Ubuntu 16.04 server

1. Select the virtual machine and click 'Settings' button on the left top corner of the window.
2. Open 'Storage' settings → for IDE controller select download Ubuntu 16.04 image.

Storage settings.

3. Make sure that network settings have 'Attached to' set as NAT. We need this for ubuntu installation, in other mode operation apt-get might not work (see Troubleshooting section for more info).

Network settings.

4. Start the virtual machine and follow Ubuntu installation instructions, they are pretty straightforward.

Ubuntu 16.04 installation.

Configuring the virtual machine to work on the local network with internet access.

Now we are ready to configure our virtual machine. To do that follow instructions below:
1. Select the virtual machine and click 'Settings' button on the left top corner of the window.
2. Open 'Network' settings → in 'Attached to' select 'Bridged Adapter'.

Network settings. Bridged apapter.

3. Boot the server.
4. Open /etc/network/interfaces with any text editor.

 sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

5. Set Ip address and DNS server for the server using the following configuration (NOTE: change IP address in case you are configuring multiple servers).

# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

# The primary network interface
auto <your network>
iface <your network> inet static
        dns-search local


1) If apt-get command does not work due to IPv6 issue. Please follow instructions below to fix it.