Thursday, August 25, 2016

How to create a bootable USB drive for Windows 10 without any 3rd party tools

It is easy to create bootable USB drive for Windows 10 without any additional tools. Just use built-in functionality.
  1. Plug in your USB device
  2. Run cmd.exe (Command Prompt) as administrator
  3. Open the disk management utility, type in diskpart and hit enter
  4. Get connected disks that are available – to do that, type in list disk and hit enter
  5. Select your USB drive – to do that, type select disk # and hit enter – you’ll have to replace the # with your disk number
  6. Clean the USB drive – to do that, type clean and hit enter
  7. Create a bootable partition – type in create partition primary and hit enter
  8. Select the partition that you just created. To do that, type in select partition 1
  9. Type active and hit enter
  10. Format the USB drive – type in format fs=fat32 and hit enter. It takes some time to complete formatting.
  11. Assign your USB drive a letter, to do that, just type in assign
  12. Copy all the Windows 10 files and paste it inside the USB drive
That is all you need to do.